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Logo and one-page web design for a pet care business.

Laura's Mutts & Moggies Website
Laura's Mutts & Moggies Web Design
Laura's Mutts & Moggies Logo
Laura's Mutts & Moggies Business Card

Creating a brand that’s fun and full of character.

Tired of making do with a simple logo and free templates, Laura’s Mutts & Moggies knew that some professional work would capture all the personality of her business – and reach more like-minded pet owners.

I designed a professional, trustworthy logo that became the foundation of the brand identity – fun, energetic and warm in a way that free templates couldn’t match.

We then developed this into a business card with a much-needed touch of humour and a one-page website that showcased Laura’s unique proposition – the mix of proven veterinary nursing experience and simplicity, ease and peace of mind.

Today, the new website doesn't just tell pet owners what Laura’s pet-sitting services include – it starts building a relationship of trust from the very first click.

Laura’s Mutts & Moggies say:

“Greg understood exactly what I was looking for with my new logo and website. It’s full of character, just like all the pets I look after! My current clients have been really impressed with the new look, and I’m sure it will help to get the word out to other pet owners.”
– Laura Maddock, Laura’s Mutts & Moggies.

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